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Help! I’m stuck with something, what do I do

In the event of something going wrong or general doubt clarification, contact us at (044)43009964 or send a mail to hisabing@siamcomputing.com
You can also send in your suggestions to hisabing@siamcomputing.com, your suggestions are valuable to us. We assure you of immediate response.

Is Hisabing available in other languages

Sorry, no. Hisabing is currently available only in English.

Do I need a mobile app to access Hisabing.com via phone

No, you don’t need a mobile app. All you need to do is sign in to your Hisabing account from your phone’s browser.

Is Hisabing.com accessible from other devices

Yes. Hisabing.com is available for on the go business requirements. With internet connection as the only prerequisite, you can access Hisabing.com from anywhere, through different electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets etc.

Can I change the invoice date after converting

Yes, you can change the invoice date while editing the invoice. The default date mentioned in the invoice will be the date of the quote from which it has been converted.
You can set a different date by clicking on the “Invoice date” option on the top right corner of the “Invoice edit” window.

Can I directly convert a quote to an invoice

Yes, converting a quote to an invoice at the click of a button is one of Hisabing’s prime features. You can convert a quote by clicking on the “convert” icon next to the respective quote in the “Quote View” window.
When you click on the “Convert” icon, the invoice/ proforma appears. After editing the invoice (if required), you can save the invoice.

How do I delete an attachment

When you attach a file (for example, Hisabing.docx) to your quote, the following appears,

Click on the red “delete” icon on the left, to delete the attachment.

How do I customise my own payment and delivery terms

You can customise your own payment and delivery terms by selecting the “custom” option in the respective drop down box.
Once you select the custom option, “payment Date” box appears next to the Payment Terms box. Click on the calendar icon (as shown in the following picture) and set the required date. You can customise your “Quote Validity” options and “Delivery Terms” in the same manner.

Where do I add the extra charges, such as delivery, courier etc

You can add the additional charges in the “Extras” box found below the “Tax desc” box in the “item information” section while creating a quote.

Is it possible to add more than one tax for each item in a quote/invoice

Yes. You can add different taxes by clicking on the icon next to the “Tax %” box.

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