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Customizing your Hisabing account

You can customize your Hisabing account to display basic details about your company on all the quotes and invoices you create. This eliminates the need to keep updating the details every time you create a new quote/invoice. You can edit or update the details entered as often as you please.

To enter the details of your company, click on “Settings” on the left corner of the screen. Two tabs namely “Company Profile” and “Taxes” are displayed.

Setting up your Profile

Under the Company Profile tab, the Profile info section enables you to enter details such as:

  • Company name      – Type in your company name.
  • Prefix                        – The prefix for each quote/invoice you create.
  • Logo                          – You can upload your own company logo. The image should be less than 2 mb in size.
  • Signature                  – By entering an image of your signature, it will be displayed on all your quotes/invoices.


Customer info1As seen in the above image, the Other info section consists of details such as:

  • Address                             – Type in your company address which will be displayed on the top portion of every quote/invoice.
  • Payment Details              – Enter your bank account number and other payment details as per requirement.
  • Cell Number                     – Contact number
  • Terms and conditions    – The Terms & Conditions of your company and the services provided can be mentioned in the given text box. This will                                                              appear on the bottom portion of all your quotes/invoice.

Tax Compliances

Under the Taxes tab, the tax details applicable for all your quotes/invoices can be mentioned. For example, your TIN number, CST number etc as shown in the following image. Additional taxes can be added, by clicking on the “Yes” button under “Other Tax ID’s”. Proceed by entering the Tax Type and the Tax ID. You can add more than one additional tax.

Tax Enable

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